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Yearly Instruction Forklifts (ENG-YIF01-2022)

Yearly Instruction Forklifts

Appropriate training, in accordance with the regulations of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), with an examination, the receipt of a driving licence and annual instruction are therefore indispensable for driving an industrial truck.

In this training you will learn how to avoid accidents by driving with foresight and acting carefully. You will be informed about the limits of your industrial truck, e.g. at appropriate speeds.

Contents Yearly instruction for industrial truck drivers

Overview of the different machine types
Warning signs
Designs Overview
Order to control
Driving with different loads
Picking up, setting down and stacking loads
Overview of prohibited storage zones
Behaviour during operation
Pedestrian operated industrial trucks overview
Operating Instructions
Forklift attachments
Daily operational test
Driving uphill and downhill
UVV testing
Restraint systems
Industrial trucks on public roads
Leaving the industrial truck
Accident and fault
  • Yearly Instruction Forklifts
  • Test for forklift drivers
  • Sie müssen den Test "Test for forklift drivers " abschließen
  • Sie erhalten ein Zertifikat mit folgender Dauer: 1 Jahr