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Yearly in-company instruction (ENG-YICI2021)

Yearly in-company instruction

It is mandatory (DGUV V1 §4, DGUV V1 §2, ArbSchG §12, BetrSichV §12) to instruct workers once a year.

Duration: approx. 15 minutes

Content of the Yearly in-company online instruction

Tasks of the various organisations and persons
Operating instructions
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Information signs
Dangerous substances signs
Collection point / assembly point
First aid in the company
Emergency numbers and the five steps of emergency calling
Fire safety signs
Using fire extinguishers correctly
Yearly instruction according to DGUV V 1 § 4
Final examination (5 questions) with receipt of a certificate
  • Yearly in-company training
  • Yearly in-company training - Test
  • Alle Themen müssen abgeschlossen werden
  • Sie erhalten ein Zertifikat mit folgender Dauer: 1 Jahr